30 March (Sat) - 7 April (Sun) (9 days)
Exam day: 13th April 2019


Our comprehensive mat course includes 72 hours of interactive learning, practice, labs, problem-solving and role-playing. From the very first fundamentals to the more complex intermediate, we will cover the exercises with the focus on execution, modifications,
and anatomy. In addition to working intensely on teaching skills and expanding teaching vocabulary, we will learn how to spot and correct misalignments and problematic executions, posture and structural problems and how to touch mindfully.

Or-Yah (Ory) Avni
The pioneer of the Pilates method in Thailand, Ory has been a long time movement professional and a talented instructor, first as a performing dancer and later as a Pilates, Yoga, Garuda and Gyrotonic instructor in the US, Europe
and Asia. In addition to being Thailand's Pilates entrepreneur, she has long been influencing the entire Pilates industry throughout Asia. Ory has been teaching for nearly 20 years and her passion is absolutely contagious. Since 2008, Ory has been offering certification courses under her creation (Body & Flow) in Prenatal, Postnatal and Mommy and Me as well as Pilates. As a teacher of teachers Ory has certified over 300 instructors from all over the world. Ory has been invited to teach in conventions and festivals throughout Asia and is known for her deep knowledge, well-structured and organized classes, emphasizing technique, art, incorporating flowing movement, breath work, and

Find out more about our teacher Ory at www.or-yah.com   

30th Mar to 7th Apr 2019 (9 days)
Time: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Exam day: 13th April 2019

LOCATION: Zenith Yoga Au Co, 2nd Flr, Westlake
Suites Building, No. 99B, 275 Au Co, Tay Ho, Ha Noi
Zenith Yoga Studio is the first most professional Yoga & Pilates Studio in Hanoi offering international standard instruction to those seeking the balance of mind and body.

TUITION: Early bird $1,200 for payment made before 15th Jan 2019. After that, the tuition is $1,400

This course is taught in two languages (English & Vietnamese)


1. The Pilates principles and how to bring them to life through a class
2. Teaching both fundamentals and intermediate level exercises
3. Emphasis on how to progress the students in a safe, appropriate way
4. Ways to structure a class knowing how to adapt to different levels
5. Cueing, touch techniques and teaching tips to support the students
6. Postural assessment and the related exercises
7. Improve multitasking skills in teaching and moving
8. Learning about common pathologies and how to address them in class
9. Tips on teaching the first classes, group classes
and other class settings

The course is total 
of 72 hours: 9 days of 8 hours/ day and an additional day for the exam. 
In addition, the students must complete the following requirements in order to receive the certificate:
   Contact hours              72 hours (in class)
   Observation hours       10 hours
   Personal practice         20 hours
   Assistant teaching        20 hours
   (Total of hours)           122 hours

Advance booking is required and can be done at our front desk or contact us at 090.346.8088



$1,200 for early bird payment made before 15th Jan 2019 (originally $1,400)



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