Marzena Kierepka - Main Yoga Teacher Training Courses

I fell in love with yoga immediately and that love continues, even today!

I began practicing yoga in 1999. The classes were on a Sunday in a local gym. I confess back then I didn&;t even know what yoga was. It was not long after that I began to look forward to Sundays with anticipation, excited to go to the gym and practice.

One day, I took the plunge. I approached my teacher and asked, "Where can I learn more about this?”
Her answer was: "Go to India to this ashram in the south..."   
Two months later I was on a plane to that ashram in India to cultivate my practice and hone my skills. On that journey I explored different styles, teachers and places. The rest is history.

The vastness of this subject; its depth; and its beauty can be overwhelming. I tried and practiced many different styles before I found the style that speaks to me best: Iyengar Yoga. A type of Hatha Yoga that focuses on alignment, strength and unity of body & mind; Iyengar Yoga was developed by Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar whom I met in Pune, India on several occasions.

I feel gratitude from the depth of my heart to all my teachers: The Iyengar family, Hart Lazer, and Radjiv& Swati Chanchanis. Their graciousness in sharing their knowledge with me has allowed me to experience the joy of yoga. 

Currently Marzena lives in Hanoi, Vietnam.  Since 2007 she has owned and operated Zenith Yoga Studio. She is married to Pankaj and has two beautiful boys, Aditya &Aayan.


Or - Yah - Main Pilates Teacher Training

The pioneer of the Pilates method in Thailand, Ory has been a long time movement professional and a talented instructor, first as a performing dancer and later as a Pilates, Yoga, Garuda and Gyrotonic instructor in the US, Europe and Asia. In addition to being Thailand's Pilates entrepreneur, she has long been influencing the entire Pilates industry throughout Asia. Ory has been teaching for nearly 20 years and her passion is absolutely contagious. As a teacher of teachers, Ory has certified over 300 instructors from all over the world. Ory has been invited to teach in conventions and festivals throughout Asia and is known for her deep knowledge, well-structured and organized classes, emphasizing technique, art, incorporating flowing movement, breath work and fun…

Hart Lazer - Advanced Yoga Teacher Course

Systematic, profound, through, sensitive and challenging, Hart is internonally recognized as a Teacher of Yoga Teachers.

Having studied closely with Iyengar teacher Ramanand Patel for many years and undertaking a serious study of Ashtanga yoga, Hart offers his students the experience gained from his unique life story. From his boyhood in a Jewish rabbinical school through a career in counselling, he brings over 25 years as a yoga teacher and practitioner.

In recent years Hart has explored the effects of Buddhism, yoga and trauma on the body and has developed a multi-dimensional approach to working with human difficulties.

Willie Cohen Vroege - Assistant Yoga Teacher Training Courses

They promised me coffee…

When I moved to India with my family, everyone split away: kids went to school and my husband to work. Luckily, I met a few ladies who were practicing yoga - they asked me to come and practice with them. At the time, I thought yoga was something trendy, for the chic, but they said “come we are drinking coffee after practice!” so along I went.

In that first class I discovered that yoga was not something vague, nor trendy, but something that can really change the body and mind in the most positive way.

I was very lucky to have a great first teacher, ChethanSateesh, who created my foundation whilst I established my love for yoga.

A few years later in Hanoi, fate revealed itself when I discovered Zenith Yoga. There were so many great teachers including MarzenaKierepka, from Zenith Yoga. When I realized my intention to teach, I enrolled in my first teacher course under Hart Lazer who is still my teacher. My devotion for his teachings persuaded me to participate in an advanced teacher course in Manila, allowing me to develop my passion under many great guest teachers.

I strongly believe in teaching a solid foundation in the yoga practice – establishing a strong and physically correct posture is key to proficient practice. I want to send the message that yoga is for young and old - to bring all people standing proudly in Tandasana.

Thuy Nguyen  - Main Translator and Assistant for Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Since startingin 2008, yoga has been a remarkable journey for me. Practicing Asanas – the art of creating a pose mindfully – is the most interesting part, especially the mind to body connection.

Yoga has led me to a wise philosophy of life. It has guidedme to meet inspiring people. In times of stress, it influences my decisions and reactions.

Thanks to yoga, I am who I am now, and I really appreciate it!

In my opinion, Zenith yoga studio is the “real” yoga studio in Hanoi. With carefully selected teachers;intense workshopsand training from yoga gurus from all over the world, Zenith is an inspiring yoga community. I'm proud to be a student and teacher here!